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If you have been seriously injured while you were working on a construction site, you most likely have many new challenges to deal with and you need an Indiana construction accident law firm. Construction site injuries are often very serious & life-changing. Dealing with medical procedures, physical limitations and your financial issues can be very demanding for you and your family.

Construction is one of Indiana’s biggest businesses. Most employers in the state of Indiana follow legal regulations, but some avoid laws designed to protect worker safety in an attempt to keep pace on the jobsite & maximize profits. When a company’s negligence results in construction accidents & personal injuries are sustained, injured parties may be entitled to compensation beyond Workers’ Compensation claim payments. If you have been injured on the job, contact Huelat & Mack P.C. today for an appointment.

Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Many construction workers spend their days performing their jobs at dangerous locations, from multi-story buildings to highways on  80-90 & I-65, the injuries can be permanent or death.

The Most Common Types of Construction Accidents Include:

Slip & Fall Accidents: Tripping hazards are everywhere on construction sites. From building materials and tools left in walkways to uneven floors to spilled liquids, workers may slip & fall for many different reasons.

Ladder Accidents: Using a stepladder or extension ladder for work, falling to the ground from any height can result in injury.

Unsecured Loads: When moving pallets across the store or warehouse, these heavy pallets were not properly wrapped and can come crashing down on a leg or foot.

Scaffold Accidents: One of most serious falls on construction sites involve scaffolding. Multiple issues may cause a scaffold accident, including defective safety equipment, bad weather, and failure to follow instructions.

Roof Falls: The steep angle of most roofs can cause workers to lose their footing and fall to the ground.

Hydraulic Lift Falls: Issues such as poor maintenance, defective design, or procedural errors may cause hydraulic lifts to malfunction.

Elevator Accidents: The long drops & confined space in an elevator shaft make these falls dangerous. Falls in elevator shafts may occur when workers are doing jobs inside the shaft, or because the shafts are not properly sealed or labeled.

Construction companies must comply with strict regulations in order to protect their workers. Companies with more than a certain number of employees are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. While the majority of construction site-related injuries will qualify an individual for workers’ compensation, an experienced Indiana construction site accident attorney can navigate OSHA’s regulations & investigate your case to determine if your injury was a result of a violation or neglect.  If so, then you are entitled to additional compensation beyond your doctor's bills.




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