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Most consumers are surprised to know the frequent & extreme injuries caused by products we use on a daily basis. Products we assume are safe that have been on the market for years fail and leave lives damaged permanently.  As consumers, we are exposed to danger every day when we get into our automobile, ride the train, workout at the gym or walk inside a popular retail store. We accept a certain level of risk and know it is unavoidable in our daily life. However, often that level of risk is greatly increased by the failure of companies to protect the safety of people using their products.

When a company fails in its obligation to manufacture and deliver safe products to the consumer, the result can be injury or even death. Were you or a family member injured by an unsafe or defective product? If so, then contact Huelat & Mack P.C. today to schedule an appointment.  At Huelat & Mack P.C., has over 120 years of combined years of experience in products liability law and we can help provide you with information about your legal rights.

Compensation for Products Liability Cases

Defective products cases tend to be complicated. Each area of products liability law has specific procedures necessary for a positive outcome. Compensation is determined by the unique circumstances of your claim. Areas of compensation for product liability cases include the following:

  • Lost wages from your injury
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Pain & suffering
  • Funeral expenses for wrongful death

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